Christiano Rezende

Christiano Rezende

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First Name * Christiano
Last Name * Rezende
Username * chrisrezende
Country * Brazil
City Rio de Janeiro
Nationality Brazilian
Languages EnglishPortugueseSpanish



Availability: student


Hi! My name is Christiano Rezende and I'm a brazilian CG artist and programmer.

I started my artistic path by doing some modeling stuff using 3ds Max. After some years involved with 3D arts, I shifted my studies to programming with C/C and then realtime 3D graphics programming with OpenGL. Then I went back into 3D arts and was able to learn a lot of animation, texturing, lighting and rendering. Today I consider myself a versatile artist experienced with several software packages. I also keep myself busy with graphics and game programming.

Throughout my career, I've worked at some small and big companies doing different stuff related to 3D arts and computer science. As a 3D artist, I've been involved with projects ranging from low-poly modeling for games to high-poly modeling, animation, lighting and rendering for feature films. As a programmer, I've worked on different software projects ranging from interactive websites to real-time computer graphics applications, such as games and simulations.

My main tools are 3ds Max, Softimage, Silo, Zbrush, After Effects, Photoshop and mental ray.

Whenever it comes to art or to programming, I am a person who has a passion for details. In addition, I am a self-motivated professional who keeps looking for further studying. I really enjoy what I do, so I always do it the best way possible.

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